At 2 cats we want to take a dog from a shelter!

Hello everyone.

We have 2 cats, a Carthusian (7) and a Maincoonmix (2.5), now we have seen a small Havanese (dog) at the shelter, were already walking and want this also be a place in our home.

Now the question: How do you bring the three together without which there is stress and Beisserei.

The cats do not know a dog and the dog could not tell whether he is cat friendly, since it was a lost dog me.

Does anyone have ideas or experience with this situation.

Thank you in advance in advance.

The best answer

It is good that you are doing you thought, but do not turn too many thoughts - if you know what I mean .... (I mean to NOT say that one election and mindlessly simple animals home get).

But the normal you behave, the more peace and normality you shine out for your animals.

In the dog I would easily find out times by visiting the shelter, how well you can call him. Does it work well, there is in my opinion ever an advantage over a puppy because you can forbid that the dog constantly chases the cats. That would be the only thing that I would stop.

Without knowing the dog, it can be difficult to stop predicting how it will work. I guess the dog, there may be - depending on the character - take longer, until it starts at all to care for the cats, because for him anyway everything is new.

I always again dogs / cats had who did not do previously with dogs / cats, but have the acclimatization always observed quietly and just only intervened when the cat, the dog is behind stormed. Either through retrieve, or in dogs with a short leash. The normal to behave themselves, the smoother and more natural, the animals behaved. One should not behind any defense reaction as hissing or barking same suspect an intolerance.

With us any socialization worked well.

Hi had previously only cats now live directly 2 dogs with them. It is important that the cats get their territory, where the dog has nothing at all to look. The meeting should take place as which the cats sit increases and watch the dog from above first können.Am always make the top only short and furnish all end up with treats, it can be saved as well. Then you can look for the time time just open the doors and let them run free under observation. Please also reckons that the cats launch the attack and the dog does nothing, ye have fairly large cats that could injure the dog very. And I let my animals unattended never alone together. So whenever you leave the apartment to go the cats in their territory and dogs in hers. Caution is there better than cure.

We added 2 cats and 2 dogs, it is clear that not everyone with any versteht.Nur a cat makes stress mut two dogs.

We also have 2 cats and a dog, and they are very good, it is always different, it may be that when your cat and the dog does the chemistry or that they suffer nich can much happiness and fun

How to bring the three together without which there is stress and Beisserei.

read you through the times, then you're a lot smarter:

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it may take months to the animals used to each other.

One should not force the animals contact zusuchen. Each animal should have a safe hiding place.

Please take the first sequential dog on a leash let and not alone. Cats also can attack dogs.

In our animal Hein dogs are often mediated probe to see if everything really passt..redet times with the shelter. What should you watch everything and what if the dog absolutely can not do anything with cats.

Hello, actually this is so, the wen dogs with cats from the outset are together become accustomed ananander. If you are the cats are now together do with the dog, the cat and the dog often argue and probably. Even worse. It depends on how the dog reacts to the cats and anderst rum. Borrowing the dog for a day out and look at times the cats react like that. Probably it does not work. LG. monster

Mir is just thought of something, would it simple a puppy to the two cats to integrate.

Thanks to all first for the previous answers.

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