At all somewhat thinner!

Hy, I once two questions to you?

Of all somewhat thinner I Redie of 13-15Jahren, 165cm-170cm large, and 35-60Kg. And you should quickly check whether you have underweight. Wen this is the case is can answer my question her.

Do you want to increase or decrease?

and the second...

What you eat as the day long?

The best answer

Will increase, breasts get undso .. ._. But I schaffs not, I just do the memory, food, the always forget ...

58 kg 14Jahre 1.66 large slimming leg BMI is in de rCENTER have exactly trz a little belly bacon is seen not so much but störts me :)

Am 16 years old, weigh 59 kg and I'm 1,70 m tall. 2 months ago I weighed 53 kg, when I had eaten almost exclusively sweet and at dinner I managed barely 1 plate rice. Since two months I strictly me to feed much healthy therefore less sweet. I also now trainier muscles and take to protein shake. I have every week from 0.3 to 0.6 kg increased. For me that is effortless, but I want to achieve my goal in the I gain much

I comply with those criteria and remove I do not entirely limited hours. But I do not want to grow also, I am actually quite satisfied with my degree ^^ So I eat anything (chips, French ...) morning 3 breads, lunch pizza, ravioli, pasta ... and the evening and again 2-3 bread or sometimes cornflakes. So between, of course, still very much Krams chocolate or so ^^

who is in the category (by whatever measure) does not safely remove age alone not only because of the

A schoolmate is 1.63 meters and has only 32 kilo .. She says she is fat so I suppose they want to lose weight

Why do you want to know?

So I want to take and eat a lot, why do you know that?

35 KILO ?! At a size over 160 I hope that all weigh 45 kilos mindestes

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