At his home on the first date?

Hey you ! I have been writing for about a month with a guy to have met in the Internet. He lives just 10 minutes away from me and we go to the same gym where we have seen we sometimes volatile. He had me on several occasions asked spontaneously if I have time, but this was never the case until now. After we when he was on vacation until yesterday 1 week have geskyped up in the morning twice, we agreed tonight what to do and wanted to see what we do spontaneously. Now he has proposed to him to watch a movie. On one hand, I find the idea to meet for the first time with someone not as good, on the other hand it bothers me with him less. Although we have never met, I have the feeling we've known each other longer lasting especially because we have on Facebook are common friends, going to the same health and live close together. Especially but also because he was never pushy, not showered me with compliments or flirting with me. So he does not even hint whether he has more than friendly thoughts, which I find quite enjoyable. Now I doubt the ... should I should I not? Basically, I would say yes, but on the other hand is a little bit against my principle ..

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There is a shared, where several people live, since you can pass anything. But in nature, I personally find it more and more beautiful, from around her. At the first meeting, then it's also at home .... If it's against your principles, then do not do it. I also my principles that I can never go without feeling guilty.

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Hey :) I'd be at your agency does not meet at his home. Sure you've seen him a couple of times and you skyping but you never know what a person has before. Go leiber the movies or what food that are neutral places and you are not alone.

Now, in the spring, let everything approach "in the open". Then you learn both you better know and what is then made, the decision of both of you ...

! Short update !

Basically, I already feel like a sofa-movie night I imagine this pretty relaxed before with him especially because he lives in an apartment which should be pretty funny well.

Meet you prefer times in the city ... and learning to know him there :)

you do not want so that you what happens

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