At what age can buy dog? (Dog Age)

Hello, we want to buy a dog, but it is 6 hrs. Are alone and 2-3x go walkies day. It should be a shepherd, puppy're not good at that you let it alone, when I look at Shepherd from the age of 3 may stay longer, according to the description alone, but the age I find a bit too 'old' , include a 1-year-old dog as a puppy? Or is 3 years not so 'old'?

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do not you think that your parents should obtain such information? At 14, you can still buy a dog.

And your parents will be responsible for this animal - and for his welfare - should it be this that make up such thoughts.

You also have this question but asked already scarce a week ago - and received many suitable answers.

Even if you buy an older dog, then you can not hold him directly from the beginning alone - he needs enough time to get used to the new home.

And of course, tell the people who want to get rid of their dogs that they have all the features that you as a buyer like to have: they do not bark, they are well educated, they remain alone, they are housebroken - unfortunately have to give you them, because the child has an allergy to animal hair, we no new apartment with dog ownership place etc. pp.

You'd better believe that dogs that are given away, their owners have become a nuisance, are not particularly loved, mostly poorly educated (and therefore nerve and are away), making riots etc.

Once purchased, it is then possibly the greatest problems because - you can return him not.

You have a dog like so buy with sufficient time to get to know - often visit him in his old surroundings, walk with him etc. The but the sellers do not want most.

Perhaps there is a better alternative, also stayed at the shelter to look. Of course, also sit as the problematic dogs, but the keepers have a more time and say rather the truth about the problems.

Despite everything can be integrated into the new family only succeed if you have lots of free time - so maybe at the beginning of the summer holidays.

But to all these questions to your parents should take care - and not you.

Good succeed


So we have a 2 year old Chihuahua. He is alone for so long until I komme..und from school during this time he sleeps yes auch..also I would if you will already have a dog at a dog buy sleeping more and it also accepts time alone to his home .. but I have to say it at the beginning difficult is he the habit 6 hours to be alone at home.


buy a dog again and then immediately be expected of him that he 6 remains hours alone, is an absolute NO GO.

A new dog can, regardless of its age, be left in the first half year alone.

The dog has to get used to his new environment and his new people. He must first learn to feel at home with you. It must be built and strengthened a relationship of trust. There must be a bond between dogs and humans can occur. All this works only if the man for his dog is always there.

When this foundation was created, being alone can be learned, practiced and trained.

In my opinion, a person who wants to buy a dog and wants to leave the dog immediately so long alone should forego the interest of the dog on the attitude of the dog.



Mach times from the 2-3x go walkies 4-5x. And total midestens 3 hours of 1.5-2 hours at Stück.Und from the 6 hours 4-5, then come already closer to the dog and the thing.

Even an older dog needs an acclimatization period, only then can you begin to leave him alone. If he does not know that he can possibly in very small steps, like a puppy learn. Or maybe not. Being alone is nix for pack animals.

However, it is 6 hours. alone are 2-3x and go walkies day.

should. 6 hrs to leave no dog alone and go walkies 2-3x overloaded a working dog, which the shepherd counts nunmal not far off. These dogs want and need to be mentally and physically challenged and busy.

Similarly, if you are in a city apartment and this also should not live without lift, one should remember that an old, diseased or by accident shepherd the stairs can not walk and has to be several times a day up and down supported. With the weight of a shepherd dog that could be difficult to impossible.

Because of your time budget, in my opinion a dog for you is totally unsuitable. Better would be 2 cats!

Puppies when they are not grown as long as you have just taught them. Even an old dog that you re anschaffst you, but it never learned to be alone, you can not suddenly just leave so alone. You have to a few minutes at, always slightly increase until the dog is no longer regarded as bad. But for more than 6 hours, I would not leave this alone.

Let me give you a tip: Under this condition, I would buy a puppy. Yes, ok, the first month would halt two weeks your mother and two weeks your father (or so in the way) take a holiday. But the you can then drag and drop so that it remains good from the start alone. Because if you equal buys you an "adult", that does not automatically mean that the left well alone ...

Hello GFNutzerRS,

I give the user dsupper right, you'd have it with your parents discuss, since you are not yet of age and You can not buy a dog alone.

In addition, a dog needs a lot Anerkenung, care and travel, and this can not you cope alone, because you need a lot of support from your parents and dog costs a lot, see also Nutrition, Veterinary ectr ..

MfG Angelika

an older dog can not beleiben just 6 hours alone even if he has not learned

Just because a dog is not a puppy, he can not stay alone automatically. Please Inform yourself first before you anschafft you something ..

And what a shepherd dog 6 hours begin gassi go alone, with 2-3 times? The stribt boredom.

To remember lives here yes the questions just so out ... Did you just as much boredom?

You are 14 years of age - then you sit at the best times with your parents at the same table're discussing with them the issue DOG ...

As long as you are namely not of age and standing on their own feet, you can buy 1 have a dog and 2 40-rule result in some states with the 20 / also no shepherd in public.

Since it is namely to meet certain requirements and your parents as the owner of the dog is always the responsibility.

You can leave on the same regular six hours alone no dog by now; neither a puppy, even a young dog and no 3-year adult dog.

You should as I said to your parents jointly inform about everything that has to do with proper dog ownership ...

I wonder myself again and again, like some people, the living with a dog imagine. 6 hours alone will not do.

No matter what age a dog at the beginning should not be allowed six hours alone. And 3 is young.

A dog should not be allowed to 6 hours day alone, no matter what age he has. If you do not have time for a dog, then you should definitely also purchase no.

A dog should walk the dog on the day 3 times. Morning, noon and evening. That is then someone has to be there for the dog.

Under the conditions it is impossible to dog ownership

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