At what age can you castrate his dog?

We have a small dog and want to castrate them, I have heard that it is bad to do that too soon. If there is evidence when the dog is old enough?

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He has grown sein..körperlich and mentally .... just growing up. Then the wenuigsten are followed to fear.

In a Frühkastrastion it may happen that the dog in the current development phase coming stuck and you've NEN eternal adolescent Kasper then.

In bitches survived at least the first heat, in males through puberty is its minimum

A few more notes:

Castration does not replace education.

Castration is only permitted for medical reasons (eg ne uterine infection that is not available in the handle) and forget all enemies: for prevention of an unexpected increase (although that provides uirgendwie an indictment of the holder from when he mussd admit he is not in the catching position dog - but better than unwanted puppies it is always).

Here you write nothing about the reasons that you move to let make such a massive intervention.

Due to the strong engagement in the hormonal balance, there may be many, not calculable nature changes and health problems come.

Without real veterinary justified need as an engagement a "mutilation" - and, actually, by the Animal Welfare Act (but that is unfortunately too formulated "permeable" - also no longer allowed.

Since opinions are apparently apart, here is a discussion on this subject - most say the earliest when the (dog) is two years old

lg Lilo

Och people, but not every time again this Gesülze, the Animal Welfare Act read completely. But for further use can neutering each animal. And all the castrated cats and rabbits are neither beings modifiers Dert still crippled.

Hi, in the topic divorce really the spirits. Sure, if you keep several dogs and would produce no offspring it's advised to castrate. But if you hold a dog individually, it need not be actually. It's not like the appendix of the people, the risk of becoming ill if you do not do it;) And I think, one should first wait and grow the dog and leave to mature and then decide precisely as needed, whether it be must (if a bitch feeding) or just hormonal disorders occur that make it necessary. I am a representative of the opinion that you have to wait until the dog is completely finished, both the size and the maturity. Spent an early castrated from animal welfare, I suppose he was castrated at 6 months since we got him with about 1 year and there was not much to be seen of the scar (and in Spain castrate which often metzeliger than here in Germany). He seems to smell of dog for others, which sometimes causes problems when meeting. Mir that many are scheints as if he had never been able to develop his hormones, which I also feel strongly because overburdened with hounds, but what I can not understand, because our somehow works differently, I think the hunting instinct could therefore not develop so well ,

Something should you basically your veterinarian ask. The will you already tell whether your dog can cope with the OP. It depends not only on the dog's age, but also the size and weight.

once he has attained sexual maturity, which is as far as I know, from breed to breed different, best you call your vet and ask once after.

http: // ...

Here is a link to the topic. VG pw

@ Lizard1001,

the right time for neutering depends on various factors.

In a bitch, I recommend to wait one or two oestrous cycles and then castrated about two months after the heat.

With a dog, one should wait so long with castration until he is interested seriously to the opposite sex.



I will reply to you if you call me plausible reasons why your dog should be neutered.

In America it is currently for sale "to" dogs and cats as so-called Frühkastraten which are then at 10-12 weeks (or even earlier) castrated still owned by the breeder.

I should add nothing more.

If there is evidence when the dog is old enough?

No such evidence does not exist !!!

What are your hopes for the castration of the dog? Neutering a dog is not an educational act ... and also the so often mentioned "then the dog is quiet" is just a myth ...

I can tell you not name a single "benefit" would bring the castration of a healthy young males.

The castration itself is a surgical procedure under general anesthesia, and any general anesthesia carries risks ...

So come to think of you well if you really want to let your mutilate healthy young dog!

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