At what age it is too late to be discovered to be a professional footballer?

Hi! I am 13 years old and plan to in a professional club to spielen.Jedoch I fear that I'm getting too old without werden.Ab discovered what age it is too late and how many times come scouts to amateur clubs to good players of take teams (small organization)? I think if one has reached 16 years and has not been discovered, it has almost been there verloren.Lasst me know and I hope one or the other has experience with it. Thank you in advance!

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Hello codamstart!

I think if you have reached 16 years and has not been discovered, it has almost been lost.

But even quasi, exceptions, there is always. In Portugal, it comes to an adult homeless managed over 20 in the first division but are wood pigeons. The requirements for a professional career are difficult to fulfill. Of course, genetics should vote, and: you have skills such as speed, stamina, hardness have against themselves and others, of course technical talent, understanding of the game and a good physical presence. Ambition and a cheekiness can not hurt also. And millions have the same dream.

All the best.

When times are realistically never actually Scouts arrive at smaller clubs, except perhaps at a major event. Also, I would not "intend" to play at a big club, because you will not make it highly probable that without I know you now ...

There are several opportunities to be professional.

You have the first guess unfortunately wrong, no later than 14 should play a large Verrein.

Otherwise, there remains the possibility of the second chance. high work The heist / high play step by step from league to league.

With 19 or 20 if you're not in a top transferrin are it would be over prop)

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