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So I would like a blue line pitbull what we need there to bring everything for conditions? And one must I keep at all legally have read on a website that one is allowed from category 1 does not hold, but I know people who pizbulls and had never been proposed but only do so a dog license and essential test?

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Hello, I'm Pit Bull holder from NRW, I know myself.

The attitude of "dangerous" dogs requires a permit. Permission is requested from the clerk's office or the police, depending on the state.

Depending on which state you come from, there are other requirements to be allowed to keep a pit or Staff.

Read first the dog law of your state. Can you ergoogeln.

If still pending issues, topsy post here.

Blue Line or blue is the color of the dog. Blue and red are genetic defects. These dogs are not bred by breeders and should not be propagated by laymen.

If you are inexperienced in dog ownership, I rate of Bull-like terriers from!

From a Halteverbot I have not heard anything, but Wesenstest and dog license will be required.

However, you may want to consider whether you really have the skills and to keep such a dog. Pitbulls can bring extreme forces, bite do they also more than a bit, and the education of such dogs are among the most serious ever. You have to make such a dog to a social, tame partner, who can protect you in any situation a lot of patience and time apply. Alone by the energy that the animal you'll be forced to take long walks.

I personally would have liked an English bulldog, which is imo a very nice dog to keep strong, kind, brave, kind and relatively easy (in apartments)

Before you may make the dog license, you must apply for a Certificate of good conduct, which should be positive otherwise you will have your dog Write because you are not otherwise to keep such a dog capable of! Given that the dog is already vaccinated, microchipped, and must be spayed, otherwise you will not be admitted to driving! despite being test and driving license In Berlin and Brandenburg is the duty to lead the dog to a 1m leash and muzzle.

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