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Hi, I am planning a Hausbau.Ich would calm can cost reasons the garage first and also do not baseplate lassen.Ich must not attach due crane ect.diesen place when with base plate with mineral concrete. How easily can I dig later verdichdeten Mineralbeton again if I want to build a base plate later

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MInnibagger enough. With pick and shovel even if sufficient condition is present. :-) If the crane then in the house? we Normal Weis a crane next to the building erected. Removal and placement of which he is not in the way of the building and the building, with the boom but covers the work to be done. If I understand correctly, the crane will initially be set up in place of the garage. Then one can bring the base course for crane equal to Sole height garage and no longer needs to be removed.

compacted concrete, the one must pry. costs a bit and takes, depending on size and thickness

If ne mords work, shoveling away. But is possible;)

A house without a base plate? But then with basement, right? Otherwise not going namely.

For a crane pitch does not have to be concreted, there goes compacted crushed stone from 0/32 mineral mixture.

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