Auto leiert, will not start. What now?

We have washed our car the other day, are for driving the next gas station. Did it hosed it was made and Radio the engine also. Rein drove everything worked, on Sunday it would not start. we let it grind and jumped on. Is happened many times before but auto mechanic said it is not on the battery. But to what then ???

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Sounds familiar ^^

Should there be a gasoline engine, kontrollier times your spark plugs, which was the case with me. May be that your spark plugs are then worn out and simply what needs until the spark jumps. Depending on the manufacturer, the distances between candle and bow also too large (Had almost 1.8mm instead of 0.7mm)

Whether you need to buy new now or just the distance Decrease (light slap remember with a hammer and distance meter) shall, I can not say now: /

Hope could help :)


in some cars, the fuse boxes are so unfavorable that water running meets these. See Just after time. It often helps if you control every now and then, if the box is properly closed. Well, and if you keep a stream of water directly into the engine compartment, am running definitely the engine. It is easier to push for the engine moisture with a little shaking, than to have problems starting. Basically, you should remove with compressed air moisture on electrical lines. To protect it also does a contact spray. But! Less is because, as so often, more!

what car as old as much km, when the last time the service, it has worked directly after washing. Questions, questions

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