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Hello, I have a question about law, I may as Supervised festivals Indefinite Job search me what I buy for a car ?? The question is really serious!

It is this My Legal Supervisor has consent in asset custody, because 1 mobile phone contract. Handyvertrag is done. He wants should I buy a small car, I would like to buy me a SUV as, Hyundai Terracan or Land Rover Discovery. but the supervisor would not that. So I have been a 6Monaten festivals full-time job. Where I earn € 1,350 net per month. Monthly Rest Budget 780 €. Wohne low small room on a farm than 90 €. Food, fixed costs. Almost € 3500th

is my question he can determine now or not?

Greetings Lars

The best answer

If a reservation of consent for financial affairs is (going out of the question not entirely accurate picture, you speak of a "Consent"), then you can buy you what you want. You do not become incapacitated by the support.

You should always buy with the consent of the supervisor making. Your desired vehicle you are going with your income can not keep.

yes, he has your asset custody, he must determine what you spend your money

hahahahaha, I would not work handshake more and then he can h4 divide me

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