Automotive or liability insurance?

Yesterday while shopping my empty cart me is rolled against another car and caused a dent. Which insurance intervenes in this case? Automotive or liability insurance?

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in my view, the crucial question is to examine the possibility of regulation of the described damage on the PHV, has not yet been provided:

Have you been the driver, owner, possessor or owner of the vehicle, were with the go for shopping?

If "yes": This is where the so-called "fuel clause" which damage around the use of a car - and this also includes the loading and unloading - excludes from coverage the PHV.. It can then only be adjusted through the MTPL or private.

If "no": Here the exclusion event is not given and it can be regulated using the PHV.

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The part of the loading and unloading of the car and be sustained over the automobile liability.

Private liability claims are scrutinized in this context to. You would have already PROVE that you were on foot for shopping.

if the damage during loading YOUR arose vehicle, it must therefore be considered automotive use and motor vehicle liability insurance.

The private liability insurance excludes the automotive use.

This is judged. When the car key is in the process assigns the MTPL, so I read the current literature.

Your liability insurance has - unfortunately - quite. Damages in connection with the loading or unloading of the vehicle, are regulated by the motor vehicle liability insurance. This also applies when getting or returning the cart, even if this should be a spatial distance between motor vehicle and the damage occurred.

For this purpose, there are now many court decisions that all confirm this fact. Should you sure can ergooglen.

The answer of DrBob1 is false accordingly and with security.

I think a good overview of what is mandatory and what is in it where there is: ;-)

Since you have not even caused the damage to the driver's vehicle, engages in your case, the liability insurance.

In this case of damage there are two possibilities:

1. pay the MTPL insurance.

2. there is a possibility that it will pay the personal liability insurance when loading and Entladeschäden are insured in motor vehicles in this contract. A look at the terms and conditions helps.

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