avoid razor bumps?

Heii :) So I have always irgentwie little razor bumps on the legs ... I habs already with cream and various shaving gel tried ... you know what one probably could not help?

The best answer

me it has indeed helped to rinse your legs after shaving with very cold water (even if it's uncomfortable) because the pores then sealed and let in less inflammatory agent ... Do you use shaving? If not, then rather take that, best perfume and dye free. With me Balea Men Super Sensitive has also (a decent version of women's not, but do not worry, it is not perfumed) quite well helped.

So for me it helps if I do not shave against the direction of growth and after that use aftershave. LG

less pressure or you buy so ne veet entharrungscreme

I rub me the legs after shaving sometimes with Pflegevaseline because I eerie dry skin. Maybe it will help ....

Do not shave.

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