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Hey guys, Which verbs I could take 'say' avoid? I have often long conversations in my story and constantly 'asked' and answered, "I would, if possible, as much as possible avoided. I do not want it but also can act too confusing.

LG, Jojo :)

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Is very clear and versatile. Have fun while writing. =)

interject, whisper, reply, call, scream, say, like you to consider, comment, contribute, question, specify mutter, roar, scream, my, suggest add to inspire, to get excited, cheering, laughing, sobbing, crying, smile more.

Optimally, you do not even need such verbs! A good dialogue is evident from what is said, who it says how. That something is said, comes from the "" forth. They are only occasionally necessary when moods change or more people involved in the conversation and the reader might lose the overview.

For such problems to best use a thesaurus, ie a computer program that can vorchlagen you substitute words.


If you have an Android phone should, you lad the free app "offline thesaurus" down. Since it's easy to then enter words and the app calls you very many words of similar meaning. Is something similar but also determines the appstore or on the Internet.

Is in your writing program "Thesaurus" disabled? It shows you but to the whole alternatives for one or the other word. , ,

how about: cried, said, said, agreed, adding, whispered, shouted, mumbled, grumbled, mumbled, ... depending on HOW you just saying something. lg VS :)

My, announce, talk, counter, guide, speak, etc ...

If you have any Word: write "say". select the word, then click the right mouse button. then "look". because you are then synonymous displayed

call, laugh, ask, answer, hit, scream, cheer ...

but often offer also formulations to, arising from the context:

"Stop my deo use!" Bob said to his brother.

-> "Stop my deo use!", Pointed bob his brother into the barriers.

Look here at synonyms: http://www.duden.de/rechtschreibung/sagen







to explain






if you da not find the right words, I do not know.

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