away ... How better to save money?

Characteristic her when suddenly the money is gone and you do not know for what?

Have you perhaps one or another savings tip or even how to get money? Would interest me

The best answer

Hello Chiara, best you make recordings (eg budget accounts) for what you spend your money during the month. Will ensure you discover some things that would not have needed. List what you could do without most easily. Presumably you're still relatively young, right? Maybe you can make money with newspapers / leaflets distributed, babysitting, errands for the elderly. There is always something. I wish you success.

One way in which one can earn nochwas to regularly, is donations. You do not just something good, you can earn a few euros for you several times a month. A second way is to participate in opinion surveys and product testing. Many organizations hire institutions to obtain an opinion on new products. For test subjects are always looking for that will try to test or evaluate by various other questions regarding the products.

The first step is to draw up a revenue and expenditure. Here are all monthly / quarterly / half-yearly and yearly recurring revenue and expenditure. If you are adding jetz the amounts in the two areas and juxtaposes, hopefully come out a positive result. Now you know how the normal marketing year looks. Set you up for a monthly budget. In which you ALL day expenses and write down every night you errechnest the balance.

lead Haushaltsbuch and make sensible purchases. Before considering whether you just again needs a new part for tightening.

So if you grew up poor, one learns save the, do not buy anything, gaze on prices and not always buy the expensive. Just what you need. For example, the housekeeping money I always at home and is then divided what I can spend a week and when it gets too much, then the other week Book

In addition to the other, really good advice still write a shopping list and stick to it. The trick is to start thinking in advance what you would be really needed and everything else in the business.

What I consider also very useful is, immediately after receipt of money put away content (the cited 10% are OK) and to try to do without. So you save a whole lot over the year and can then edit to taste or spend on a bigger heart's desire.

Hello, in principle it is right to put away money at the beginning of the month and not at month end, when it's all you. I pay everything with map. Also € 3.64 for small items in the supermarket. Otherwise, I would bring my € 20.00 from the machine and that would then only wasted. Regards, Peter

You could run a household book in which to record all revenue and expenditure, we keep track of their own finances and mum does not need to borrow money from the 15th of the month.

Oh and make less party also saves a lot of money.

How to get money? Work ... If you do not know where your money disappears out, you should write a book budget and submit it there every day for what you have spent much money.

Hello, the problem I know. So my trick that I leave the money at home. Because if I have money with me, I tend to spend it on trifles. If I do not have it, I spend nothing.

You can minijob a passbook cause then you know always what your money goes away and what is unnecessary can then glue your receipt and make money with a

Haushaltsbuch lead! write each issue!

On TOP of the month put 10% of salary / wages / revenue on the page - no longer touch => Create.

Avoid unnecessary expenditure.

New sources of income / earning opportunities open up (part-time job, Ebay sales, flea market, independent business).

The mobile Haushaltsbuch (offline mode) with base price function, saving 100 € - € 150 per month

paid an amount in a savings account by standing order, that's for away.

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