Axe black song

What is the name of the song from the ax black advertising ???

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    So I see in TV commercials often the deo ,, ax Black "always makes a song that always with the words ,, welcome to the jungle" is so or starts and I wanted to ask if anyone knows how the song, I thank you in advance now --answer-- it says welcom

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    hi, I got me a ax black edition purchased and found. that as so directing an old people Deo :( finds her also? --answer-- Yes, I agree. Axe Mature trying times :-). Had indeed the store even think can smell before you buy the deodorant: D

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    Thank you for your answers. --answer-- The smell can not say exactly but it report good Olfactory then because it has ;-)

  • I am a boy. I want to buy a Axe. but do not know which. So I want you women / girls ask what Axe deodorant smell loves her on? 2012-12-14

    --answer-- I find Axe Black Axe and Blacknight very good smelling. Axe Alaska. But you can see: everyone likes something different. Take what you like! And dark temptation comes nich good anymore because the time all had One can thus not be answered,

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