Bad cramps in cardiac Chest

Hello. :)

I've been about 20 minutes right pain Brustbeibereich or heart region. More I can not say it. So what have so many people time is 2,3 minutes. And I was already a couple of times briefly But as it is now, never been before and never heard that someone has something. I can hardly write this text and must take breaks when it is suddenly worse. It is so bad. Breathing in, I trust myself not nearly since the mega hurts. Exhale works but quite good. I almost hyperventilating and I feel I get an immediate heart attack. I do not force more, I feel sick. I just want a it stop!

I'd prefer to call an ambulance, it is really unbearable! But I have school tomorrow and my mom is really strict and thinks I would simulate (to her I will not dwell on now, but it will be the opposite of a help in any case and I do not write as a pubescent teenager.)

Have you perhaps experience with such a thing? The best advice as going away again, would be good.

I do not know just what to do. Ichbitte for immediate help. I feel I die.

I am grateful for any advice even if this is not a medical forum.


(In addition to information I have eaten in the past 5 days maybe insgesmt 600 kcal. So very little. Today as the 1000-1500. Perhaps this is why?)

The best answer

In your place I would have immediately come an emergency doctor, the symptoms that you describe here are to take absolutely seriously. Could indeed a lung history behind it (a ruptured Emphysemblase, a spontaneous pneumothorax). If necessary, he lets you orient them to a clinic. And I would do without actually on any physical effort and mental stress on, as far as you can be ..

And your mother should take this matter seriously.


I'm serious Please go! My father once had pain and then he got a heart attack! (Zumglück the doctors get it back) Take care of yourself!

are you female? chest pain are nämlih only in males, a symptom of a heart attack.

Hey .. So pain in Toraxbereich can occur if you do not regularly train your lung volume and lung schädigst possibly. This can be a stabbing pain in the left as well as in the right breast side. In your place I would look at this time with a pulmonologist and seek with him a pleasant solution to the problem.

Lg dani

Better go to the hospital once! Not that you then what happens bad! Please go back

Immediately to the hospital and do not drive yourself !!! Call Best Ambulance

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