BahnCard 50 logic?

Hello Good-Frager and Well-responder,

I got the My BahnCard 50 just bought quite spontaneously for € 69. I live in Maastricht (Netherlands) and have Vatti in Berlin and Mutti in Munich. At the very first: I am bargain hunters and (right) flexible. Now I have the following in retrospect (of course) noticed only ...: The BahnCard50 does not apply to low prices. The Bahncard25 but already (?) Now I'm looking for a ticket from Aachen to Berlin and find "normal prices" for 125 €. With the BahnCard50 So were about 60 €. Now there is (almost) everywhere Special price for 45 € and less. Really almost always. Now where is the advantage of BahnCard50? I am angry just like hell on it, to get away almost always cheaper with minimal flexibility without BahnCard50 ...

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Hello donlukon,
the card 50% is what quickly Entschlosssene who want to immediately travel: You will receive the immediate price discount.
You seem your trips to plan well - and then also bekommste prices displayed are below the perk. (That's why I abandoned my)


You complain about minimal flexibility BahnCard 50?
Then look at times but the low prices for tomorrow. If you have to go spontaneously today, you were gearscht with the BC25.

Next time you inquire exactly in advance. The BahnCard 50 is intended for spontaneous travelers, so there are 50% off the regular price. The BahnCard 25 is intended for travelers who in their journeys
can plan ahead and also can buy low prices. The there is only 1 day before the trip.

My wife and I each have a BahnCard 50, the over 60 years only 50% cost and realize that we lately only low prices had no BahnCard. Since we can plan the trip in advance, I also remember to cancel them or to reduce them to 25th

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