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Hi, I need to be screened in 2 days hospitalized in the CT (computer-tomography) to my back! Have lezte time severe pain in the back, which can be felt from the Kreutz in the legs! I had in the 80 serious accidents, in which the left leg I suffered very heavy Veretzungen so schwehr that they missed me a knee replacement and my ankle was versteifft so that it can no longer be moved! And I've screwed a nail and also a parr also in the leg bone above and below! My question, weir was ever operated on the disc? and on what can - should I hire me should Op. are in space? Thank you in advance!

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I have several herniated discs, the cervical spine and lumbar area.

Twice I was operated on, and finally I was not operated as a rehabilitation has been enough to be free of pain.

and on what can - should I hire me should Op. are in space?

Mansollte always to first try a rehabilitation, a surgery should be the last resort.

What machtz depends on which method is applied in the operating room and what's needed and that's just to decide on a case.



First time making a rehab.

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