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Hello I really like listening to Hard Rock, Rock Roll, Heavy Metal & Death & now my question: Do you know which shops? where it tshirts by: death, kiss, nirvana, pantera, metallica bealtes & are so :) Ic have often ordered on the internet or when I was in New York bought in shops but here in Germany not gibtss: // I have from & to in hardrock cafes cool shirts found but not really of musicians: /

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go on, because everything there what the rockers heart will desire to shirts, pennants, pins, sweaters, CD's, etc. Since you find something nice :)

I always ordered to or The also have a very detailed catalog.

If you buy rather in a shop, I recommend concerts and festivals ... there are always stalls with all kinds of band shirts.

Enter Otherwise simply block in Froogle "Band Shirt Metallica".


Since I can recommend EMP. You can order online or directly visit the shops.

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