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Hello everybody,

have a big problem may also be interested in one or the other that maybe. My Internet is too slow. My provider / provider is Vodafone and I understand that the operators a ,, Up-to '' - safeguard clause. Defied: I have a 16.000k line so it should be possible max. ~ To 2Mb / s downloading. However, I'm only on 252,16Kbyte / s. So is actually exploited by the bandwidth only about 1/8. Because I feel as a consumer rather kidding because I month ~ 30 € for Internet and telephone pay, and not really what get in return. Call I'm still here. But once read that if my line simply not a change to another provider does not help permits. So what can I do? Contact the owner that he should have shown a larger line? I really despair.

The best answer

1. The landlord NULL has to do with it.

2. You have the bad line live (dot!)

3. You can contract for known reasons terminate (prematurely), because you do not or not even nearly get the service for which you pay.

4. You can continue the contract and require the operator to reduce costs as the speed which have measured and documented You repeatedly (often for days!), As this would normally cost.

5. Vodafone is ***, I have worked for the ***, which is as *** and sorry, everyone own fault, which closes as contracts, even worse are the people who go ACTUALLY in a cell phone store to be what to leave tighten. These stores should be BANNED! :-) (Joke but pissed as a consultant on this crap types who operate the stores AND ONLY ripping!)

Did I say that Vodafone *** IS? :-)

Sorry ... The Useful of me standing up, as had by and ... IMPORTANT!


Just so it goes where (and other), never let vertrösten exclusively by phone or so ...

Mach times a speedtest at

Poste then your results :)

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