Basic equipment for the first dog


I have designed a list and all dog connoisseurs should improve and ergenzen.

Körpchen, box & enclosure, bowl (toilet), collar with tag, bags, food, dish, linen and crockery, toys, fur scissors brushes (combs), towel, first aid kit (for the dog not for me: D)

What do you think??? Thanks in advance Tomokowiehler

The best answer


You is hopefully clear that the tag on the collar is only through registration and debit permission of the city?

You forgot the liability insurance. Some states have already present for registration. If the dog will exceed a certain size.

With a towel you will not get far. 10-15 it may be like.

Otherwise much is on the list, which is simply nonsense.

What's missing: A book about the keeping of dogs. Should actually be No. 1 on the list.

Ok, prop so far good, but with the toilet you have to tell me. Moreover, it is also important to know what breed. Can VII still buy treats and depending on what kind of dog also dog shampoo. My dog ​​is a Maltese, it needs to be washed more often because his longer Fells large dogs but not prop.

please you buy first a good book about dog attitude! there you find a broad test well sotieres offered also in "animal leran publisher"

no dog needs a gehege or a loo! dogs do their gescahefte out with their people ...

Your list can not and I will not good hot ...

From what you have written there everything you need once nothing !!!

First of all buy yourself a decent times book and read times as it runs as follows: the living with a dog!

I believe you were once very well served with a dog to practice the noble kennel

STEIFF with the button in the ear

How old are you actually? Do your parents know that you a dog to do soon happy?

What idea have you of a dog?

what do you want with a bowl (toilet?) a dog goes outside not you gassi..wenn ago have with him regularly get to go let it be.

For what ne fur scissors? What race are you going?

Enclosure, fur Scissors ??? How can one imagine that the bowl?

As basic equipment you should first of all buy a few books ... check here

What does the dog with einerm cage? He is not rabbits and dogs does not lock a man!

What willd the dog with a bowl (toilet)? His toilet is outside. He is not a cat but a dog!

And as I said in your other question .. a dog is not an animal, it's you put many anforderungn (he was this .. he must ...)

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