Basic military service in another state. What happens to my dog?

I got the call-up 2 days ago. I myself am from Tyrol / Innsbruck and is now to serve in June in di barracks in Salzburg my military service. Now to my question. I have since the beginning of December 2014, the dog is also written in the magistrate in my name. As is customary in a dog, does this at least 2 times a day for a walk. But what happens with my dog ​​if I, if not even have to stay for the whole 6 months in Salzburg for 2 months? I still live with my parents, but do not have time for my dog ​​:( what should I do? Can I request that I would be moved to my city to another barracks? Or is this reason "not enough"? A kennel is the state me ill afford: /

Many many thanks in advance!

The best answer

the with the dog you'd have to think about you before. Should the military also take still Pets consideration. Even if you are in a barracks near home, certainly not you get free to run your dog.

Why do not you talk with your unit?

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