Batch to work on certain day

I'd like to write a batch the öfnet me a particular program on a particular day.

Please write the code purely right here thanks

I just'd still want to write a batch that checks whether this program has been closed or not and when it was closed restarts this

The first Do I order my brother to überaschen s.Pc Birthday and the second I need because my cloud program closes occasionally there dammit remains open.

Thanks for your help

LG Porico

The best answer

To run a program at a certain time, you can use the Windows Task Scheduler.

A batch script that checks regelmäßg if a process is running, and this possibly restarts might look like:

  @echo off: loop tasklist / FI "IMAGE NAME eq Steam.exe" 2> NUL |  find / I / N "Steam.exe"> NUL if "% ERRORLEVEL%" NEQ "0" (cd "C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Steam" && start Steam.exe) timeout 20 / NOBREAK goto loop exit

In my example, every 20 seconds will determine whether Steam.exe still running.

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