Battery Kaputt or is it on your phone?

Hi, as I had now removed my charger from the phone as it fully charged overnight, the battery percentage indicator has sinkte very quickly see. Every second 1%. So when I spotted my cell phone and wanted to do again, my phone said that the battery is empty. Ok I have the charger plugged in and now it invites again

I wanted to ask whether it is on the phone or on the battery

So whether vllt. The display is broken

Is there probably. A trick if it is on the phone?

On factory state has not helped

I still have a picture so that you uploaded one probably. Understands what ixh mean.

The best answer


Maybe you'll find the solution to your problem:

http: // ...

Otherwise, I would call times the manufacturer who you can because surely help.


That will be pretty sure the battery. Look on the internet for a replacement battery. The not cost the earth and give quickly a result concerning. Your question.

Mostly on the battery ... phone but you should have it checked!


  • The mobile phone battery has reached its end of life> Replace!

LG Bernd

What is a cell phone?

Battery out .... wait 5 minutes .... purely battery, if it is then not going to change battery ....

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