Baumfällgenehmigung purpose pool construction

We would like to build a pool in our backyard, sorry, we have two large trees (spruce) which would completely take the pool the sun and these pollute heavily. However, our community will not grant Fällgenehmigung Does anyone experience what happens when we make without permission?

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In the tree protection statute of the community the Hoechsmann penalty is whistled for - generally up to 50,000, - €. As the community's awareness now - not a good idea ... Provides the municipality but a replacement planting of - conifers are nothing anyway for the garden ....

That can be really expensive!

The communal Tree Protection Ordinance are strict rules for precipitation before and sanctioned infringements with fierce penalties: Who attaches the chain saw without official authorization, risking a fine of up to 50,000 euros.

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