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Hello :) I wanted to know how to turn on itself. I mean without drugs / alcohol. simply that one is lively and funny. thank you

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To be psyched you do not have to once be tired. Cola or other caffeinated beverages can help if they are not used daily. Then you should if possible not be alone, with another one has automatically more fun. Then you should try everything posiiv to see the bus arrives nciht .---> we do sponntan a "waiting for the bus" - Party. Running gags you should also try to establish your friends how funny scenes from movies.

What can also be very funny is to think about (foreign) drunken funny and what they say so and do anything. And finally always with a smile running around until it is no longer forced.

then have fun without Alk

meet you a lot with friends. I notice that whenever I come from the school or from friends I'm much turned up, as if I rumhocke 3 days alone

I think if you are dependent with "untwisted" people. ;)

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