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Heii as you know I have said in my last question about my cold. I got up before 1 stunder and have found that doing my neck so hot away I can hardly speak. I have now since 2 days this strong sore throat, it may be that it only symptoms are the right cold? Because I do not feel that I might get a fever because I already have 37.4? What should I do now? And it is perhaps only the beginning of a proper cold?

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Thus, 37.4 is not a fever.

If you have such a strong sore throat, go to the doctor. Unfortunately, this is the only sensible advice that you will get here. Only the doctor can assess what measures are appropriate for you.

Stumpf said: if you have a cold you you can do the least contrast now.

What you can do is give you rest. put to bed and keep you busy for example tv look. Experimental efforts to avoid. Since ne flu is a virus so probably. Bring it nothing to shoot fully to medication. Viruses are resistant to most drugs. So you loaded test only your body. Get well!!

Unfortunately I do not type on a cold, but the flu bypasses now. The is not for jokes that kill people. So go to the doctor and let examine you carefully! If it's the flu, covered from the Heija and to the nose before you infect half the city. And as I said the flu is fatal for old, weak little people and infants. If you visited someone infect and that his ailing grandmother ....

Then you should go to the doctor when the symptoms get worse.

I bet on pneumonic or you let yourself from someone investigate medicine studied.

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