Beach holidays in April, dog and child

Hello! I want to woman, child and dog mid April go away / fly one week. The best in a place with warm sandy beach. Yesterday we went to a travel agency and they said it come only the Canary Islands in question. However, no package deals we were there even at more than 2000 € for 6 nights in an apartment. And the package offers allowed all no dog ... The other consideration would be to go with a caravan towards Croatia and hope for good weather ... Does anyone have that experience already made or another idea?

Thank you in advance!

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super great for dog and child, the North Sea, for example in southern Holland. Specifically, I can eg beach camping Groede in Groede recommend you there. there is a corresponding Web page also.

Both children and dogs are welcome there - the freewheel on the beach is - restricted time-wise, depending on the month - possible.

BUT: it is hot there in April not.

BUT: this place has since last year a very special "delicacy". There are 15 beach bungalows that are right on the beach. So you can get out of bed in the morning breakfast directly on the terrace - running kids and dog on the beach and play. This is something very special!

Good succeed


Hey you,

I would advise you strongly to give the dog so long in care. You can it not so easy to take, it must meet certain requirements. For Croatia it was a few years ago, pet passport, vaccinations, ectoparasites and Endoparasitenbehandlung, and an attestation of the health of the dog by an official veterinarian 1 week or less before the trip. These regulations change regularly and must be queried at the consulates each year!

In addition, a trip would require with the camper that you meet the requirements of all countries passed for your dog, which is not so easy.

In addition, the poor dog would probably not feel comfortable especially in such a long tour. Even air travel with the temperature changes (Germany chilly, sunny Canaries and wamr) is not recommended for any race.

My girlfriend travels with dog and child is always at the island Langeoog, in northern Germany. Drawback: no sun guarantee, but still nice.

A flight is for a dog mega stress vorallen if you stay only one week.

it is to hot you can not do much because the sand is scary is the stand anyway.

Kroatian I was years ago but without dogs.

Seaside mine were to bring it it is pleasant for my dogs only once in the autumn holidays in Italy. my and many other dogs can start anything with 38 C. Is it warmer than 25 C with us I can forget my dogs.

I think the sea is not really great for dogs, I prefer to go to the stausee near our house in Italy, there is less going on, the water they can drink and I do not have to shower off after swimming. What should be a must in saltwater

Warmer sandy beach in April with dog ... Forget it!

If the dog by vaccinated and microchipped? Then you could rent a motor home and towards southern Italy or Spain chugging but bathing with it will not be, but it is definitely still too cold.

Alternatively, let dog with parents and the travel agency to book a flight somewhere where it's warmer at the moment than in Southern Europe ...

Can you not accommodate for the few days in a good boarding kennel for the dog?

Flight is the hell for a dog!

St.Tropez. Pets are allowed in part and is significantly Affordable.

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