Bearbeitungsprogamm for Pc?

Hey guys, you might know a good editor? Best very simple and for free? The important thing is that you can make collages! Thank you in advance!!

The best answer

Free Download programs for PC photo editing:

- Gimp (The best freeware Photoshop counterpart

- Artweaver Free (menu similar to Photoshop)

- Paint.Net

- JPG Illuminator

(Produce crop specialist for images, rapid correction of sub u. About exposure, white balance, control of shading, alignment, coloring, S / W and a batch processing, frames, texts and manual-PDF-DE), highly recommended for fast Corrections.

- XnRetro (as App iOS, Android)

or ...

Editing photos on the Internet, effects and collages create - quick, easy and kostenlos.Hier is a small selection of online photo editing programs that allow photos with effects, text, frames and clipart etc., can be provided.. They are also well suited to create profile pictures.

- (. Eg collagen)




- sumopaint.com_app

- Pixlr.com_editor (many effects)

- lunapic.com_editor

- rollip.com_start

- Photogramio.com_ / de



I think that there will be something for you too. LG and a lot of fun

Gimp, so I h ​​abe sometimes collages created. It is the image processing program. Or just equal to Photoshop but I am beginning au not looked

Gimp is a good program, I think. Easy to understand.

Gimp or Photoshop it for a long time are ne free Photoshop Version give out a Google Photoshop CS2 Must you register on the original Adobe page ^^ Then simply download Key Enter (stands next to the download) and ready: D or Gimp

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