Beautiful dog from the shelter what breed is it?

Here again looks very interesting a dog and of course the question of race imposes itself again !!!!!!!

The best answer

Can also be a half-breed for generations .... I knew a saw the dog in the photo very similar, as were Malinois, Bleu de Gascogne, Appenzeller, Epagneul, Poodle and, and, and mitgemischt.

Clear can also Cattledog with be in it but it may just have done various other breeds for generations to this result; O)

Hello ilse marie

So I would difficult to assess on a mix between German Shepherd and Wolfhound setzen.Sehr.

But what .Is says the shelter in his papers to even really care .He is a nice attentive guy and determines a good watchdog and friend.


that looks for Scottish collie, short hair or mix resulting from .... cattledog does not quite fit, because the ears do not fit completely to breed standard, and legs, body proportions looks more like collie, but nature does eh what they want: - )))

I also think that there is a cattle dog hybrid. The coat color indicated very point to a cattle dog, ears and snout no. As I suspect is either a Collie with in it or have mixed with Sheltie. A very very demanding dog.

here's a picture of a Scottish collie

Mongrel, most likely Sheppard, any Sheepdog mix

Schäferund Collie Mongrel times I'd recommend! :)

Shepherd - Mongrel ... I think;)

I guess times on an Australian Cattle Dog ...

... And might just as he in the photo looks pretty race class have :-))

Toller shelter-dog of hopefully good and energetically moving people will offer him a home to life imprisonment ...

Bat ears-Sheppard Sheepdog mix?

Looks like a little bit of Cattle dog mongrel from

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