Beautiful dog names male?

We get in a few weeks a new family member. I already spend hours on the internet researching on the search for a name, but the more I see the more confused we all companies. The name should not sound too playful, short and soft and like to come from the far north. Would be very grateful for your brainstorming :-)

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How about Rusty, Connory, Marley, (Sam?)

Scoobey or Scott / y

Hello, my ideas for a dog name:

  • Knut
  • Lucky
  • Stan
  • Luc
  • Lenny

LG Leontta

Gini is a medium-sized I know!

Had last year puppy from my bitch we all have mediated and is now called Kalle I somehow found succinctly and yet very beautiful

Spike Nevis arko tonno Foby dust crumbs

Take this: Odin

Tjego..ares ... simba .... aika .... leo ... maiki .... aron roko ... rambo ... bärlie ... niko .... etc .. .;)

Aki find the name very sweet :-)

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