Beautiful name for a female dog? :-)

Question is up! But please no standard names like amy, emma, lily ect thanks in advance

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I've always found Trixie very sweet .... sometimes you can but also "normal" German words into English translate that sound then totally cute !!!!!!!

Here are some examples: daily, sky, cream, peanut or West. A rather unusual name is as Hippo. I think nevertheless that he's pretty cute ...........

Good luck yet to find the right name !!!!!

Lg bifieve :)

A friend of the dog's Havana

Leeloo (pronounced lilu

Our Boxer bitch called Romy

Laika, Ronja and Maliki are my favorite name in females.

My dog's Itchy :)

Easy I think is great.


Ayka is a beautiful dog's name!

My called Mila, beautiful is also Luna or Mika

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