Because I'm just only 1.50 meters tall you could give me some advice as I find a woman ...

me so like how I am when I'm only 1.50 as Guy (23)

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To find a woman who is more than a few months or years with you, do not think about your appearance after but constantly working on your personality, your confident manner, in the communication, then you should not just some gotten, but the right, who is interested in your character ... except, of course, there's also women who just now are small men ^^ just as women can stand on bald heads and not only stylish hairstyles: P

There is for each pot a lid And for a wok, there is a lid. Simply not give up hope


That is precisely the problem ... 1.50m which is really small. Some, however, come and really love you as you are. And women are even slightly larger than 1.50m



then get yourself ne little girlfriend

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