Because tampon I have detention!

I have a Septaltes hymen and so I get tampons out very badly. Today at school (5.Std) I noticed that I "expire" and went quickly to the bathroom in order to change my tampon. But this time it hung genuine firmly to the cuticle and I've tried everything and did not get it out.

Unfortunately, the lessons started now and I could not go simply because I distribute otherwise blood traces everywhere. Well after about 15-20 minutes I got it but then managed and now had the teaching. I said I was in toilet and then said the teacher was the break long enough and what I have done 20 min. (Everyone laughed) I just stayed silent and ashamed. So now I have to make up the time tomorrow ...

I am so very angry with this whole periosenzeug ..... what you say .... I'm really verzwifelt

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Your situation is a really stupid. Can I track. The best thing the klärst with the teacher. Actually you're lucky that there is a teacher. Most men want namely not hear from the period of a woman, which is why they give faster when it comes to this topic. . (At least I could often be seen in physical education in high school the goods it male gym teacher, a handed: "Have my days", even if it was two weeks behind the other, and women have since demand still more time but can also be that. it just lay on our teachers.)

What I'm saying is that you should definitely speak with the teacher and it might not exactly have to tell the tampon per se (unless you're callous enough for it, then please like;)), but maybe just that you have bled and you simply could not you come earlier to class.

Anyway, I wish you luck. =)

Then you sit up after.

You know why it was the way it was.

So where is the problem?

I'd rather bite off his tongue as a teacher the reason to call. Then rather nachsitzten and ready.

Explain to him, but I would not see me to apologize for a completely natural process somehow. You can not help it, and it is not his buisness.

So when the girls in my class have always said the teacher and who had also fully understand so you can personalize it quiet the teachers say but whisper

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