Bee or wasp sting what dageggen tuhen itches like crazy?

My sting itches like crazy what can I do dageggen?

The best answer

I also have a brake down, my mother gave me a "federation" with Quark

This has super helpful, the stitch is almost gone

And do not touch these anti -juck gel that brings nothing anyway;)

How old is he? When it is fresh, it makes always good, a freshly cut onion to do it.

Either you make a half onion on the sting, doing "Venistil gel" on it or doing NOTHING. All just do not scratch, because then the poison spread only further

Try with Fenistil Gel

How can I add a picture prop then könntebich show it to you

Post ne onion and thus bereiben the stitch

I lie straight in bed and think ne onion at my foot and from this Tuesday the print is therefore the 7.7.

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