before and cons of labeling obligation for foodstuffs?

So the headline says it all but I find the internet very little to it and I've been thinking that for such a disadvantage is able to write the manufacturer things about their product to be assessed but more falls not me .. thanks in advance! :)

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cons: high bureaucratic costs; audit authority must consider everything

advantageous: verbrauscherschutz - buyer knows better modest; food more comparable

Disadvantages are not really visible, except perhaps a few people panic when they get to know what they eat everything. On the other hand it will cost, and the food companies will presumably. endeavor, the cost greatly crystallized and then to pitch on the price.

Hi, well there are among others the food traffic light, in principle, it should go to values ​​/ content as sugar / fats / carbohydrates including / salt etc ... things that "harm" in "large" quantities can ... LG

This is more likely to protect consumers, because it was not clear to see in many products, which has been processed. It must be clear to see what's in there. Manufacturers can not upgrade the product by making false statements. Manufacturers will there probably look more disadvantages, because some ingredients are not pleased when the consumer really know what's in there.

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