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Hey Guys, So've started in a pet hotel recently completed a long-term internship, where I'm learning to foreign (large) dogs contact build as it happens to be possible in the context. The dogs are daily over prolonged periods outdoors and occupy himself as the jealousy danger in a pack of 25 animals + is simply too large.

Can you give me tips to give the dog to learn to read in order to prevent any conflicts? Thanks in advance. PS: Have only 'basic' as regards dogs (friends, relatives)

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Get this book and then you look at you videos about dogs.

Fang only a matter of example, the eyes or the. Ear position, look videos about different races, then you take a second thing to eg then eyes and ears position, then nimmste ne 3. thing to as the hind legs, then bit by bit take the rest to do so.

This takes time and depending on the breed, it is relatively difficult to see more coat characterized od covert eye. Race-related properties where as the rod is always more in a certain position so as it can sometimes be quite difficult because changes then nuanced legal ,

I would, however, be no my dog ​​in a facility where 25 and more animals are left to their own !!!

Max. 6 in a group and there is also seen previously as the first if it is not too late and are already and have conflict !!!

This is called the rest not jealousy but resource behavior and even then you should view this one packs up dogs where it just works for. Example, a dog with resource behavior and the remaining show less or none at all, to be invigilators include the burgeoning at any confrontations early , regulating and VIOLENCE FREE intervene.

Furthermore, I could you still recommend a DVD of Ute Blaschke-Berthold is a PhD in biology and is now working as a dog behavior consultant, a very knowledgeable and really good auskennende person.

The small print in the body language of the dog


which is difficult.

I work in the Animal Psychological practice a behavior therapist for dogs. The practice owner has required 30 years to be where she is professionally now.

If you really want to learn about the body language of dogs, you should go "apprenticeship" with a real expert in the.

You can only in practice, but not by way of a platform like this.

As regards the number of dogs. With us we have a day between 4 dogs and 28 dogs, depending on the needs of dog owners. With us, the dogs are never really left to themselves.



Recommended it would be "teaching" to go for you at a good dog experts / behavioral experts in the. Just as you learn the reliable expression of dogs to interpret.

Please contact log Cumcane coach or IBH Pet Training Trainer or Animal Trainer learn. Question of whether you can run along a certain time.

"25+ dogs" no pride, but a motley crew, which is absolutely unnatural, and most individuals are therefore overwhelmed, leading to aggression and conflict.

There you can especially learn how it makes so NOT ...

Also, it is difficult to so many dogs one or two pick out because probably constantly mucking another.

Search your happiness it actually looked better with a good dog trainer or in a board that receives much less dogs and these. Here you can observe much more natural, relaxed dog communication - you'll notice the difference.

The dogs concerned selbs t ?! This is bad and no good "figurehead" for this "pet hotel"!

For this course, you can nix and I find your question "... Can you give me tips to give the dog to learn to read ..." very good and very right! I wish more "read fibulae" for dogs! Even videos! And if possible, without human input ...

... Coming back to your question: You just do not learn, with dogs - contact - no matter what size!

... At best you learn to manage a larger horde of dogs ... ^^

... In your place I would try to find another placement as soon as possible! A with a

another frame! :)

Read yourself into the topic body language. to explain to you here would last forever. The body language is very complex.

A motley crew of 25+ dogs is too much! The reads are not very trustworthy. Furthermore, no one should go in as a group alien alone. If you're there a training, you should be able to tell your trainer how you have to behave yourself. This can not get over the Internet one. I join the others at: Find yourself a better body! Top with small groups with a maximum of 8 dogs. Where are the trainers once mitläufst a while and learn anything can!

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