Berlin S-Bahn - infoscore rip consignment returns (mail not delivered) has system?

I have been caught in one night in November 2014 without a ticket. Have my day ticket submitted later in the S Bahn, but this has the purpose of "transferability of ticket" can not be counted against me, so I had still to pay € 40.00. (Already done!) Now reach me about a month ago 10 Post the already all too often called "infoscore inkasso bla bla bla". This demand but now actually about 100 € (The original "fault" in the amount of 40 € not included!), Calculating from the collection charges, the "default interest" and the "post returns program". Previously called company has allegedly tried twice to reach me by post. Now you have me "unfortunately" only in mid-March by post reached (Suddenly comes the post yet on ?! ^^). This post has me back Laufer unfortunately any TIMELY missed reminder of the payment, and infoscore nevertheless dares the processing fee of about € 54 plus default interest plus. Demand to MY loads. The funny thing, I have only this weekend to know a person, whose daughter has selbige problem. Anglebich post can not be reached, so huge sum of arrears etc, although 40 € have already been repaid as längts real "guilt." How do we behave on the other way, because I am not willing to finance such a brazen rip-off, which apparently also has system ?!

The best answer

You have two options.

The hard version is simply not react further. If in fact a court order to come back to speak this then.

The friendly variant is to write them a nice letter that there is no requirement of the web to you since this is already paid and you you any contact, whether in writing, by phone or visits, verbittest The then of course still following letter with plenty of sinister threats pressing you deliberately into the bin. Of course, this letter then by registered mail.

Something never call them or they should dare yet and call you, just hang up.

You pay the web, the default interest and thus the creditor's claim is satisfied.

Let the collection agency quängeln like a little child. More can not anyway.

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