Berner senne dog it agressive

Hello. Our 1 year old anhalb Bernese Mountain dog makes a long-time problems. In everyday life, so he is very loving but when he barks and you him he says to stop Dan he barks like ka going on. If you yell at him Dan he barks with this aggressive barking. Do you understand ? This was since he was small. The aterkiert really where. What also so ne thing when we come home Dan jumps he always high to us and begins to growl. But very . I have no idea what you as yet can do. Our female in a Golden Retriever and is 9 months. If you get erger Dan sänkt is her ears does not matter. But he thinks quite differently. Help

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* When one yells at him Dan he barks with this aggressive barking. Do you understand ? *

Yes, and you know why that is? He barks you scream! And will surely have noticed that does not react, the dog out! For the dog that's so ... I make noise and my holder makes even with. Your promotes its the dog without knowing it highly! Then when their home is. If it jumps up! Why do you let this happen? I have 2 dogs is a Bernese of 1.5 years not educated, then another goldie by 9 months of well educational need. 2 young dogs with silly ideas as mutually look at the nonsense of others! Watch out, do you not perceive himself that you will not do justice to the dogs? Prepare you help the house !!!! But fast, go with the dogs in a dog obedience school!

The 9-month-old goldie, when docking the ears ... The Appeased you to further prevent conflicts! Sorry you're all alone with regard to the education with 14 years ?!

you do not want to hear, but unfortunately it schreiht with you just so! purpose of bad upbringing!

So, when the Bernese barks at you, it seems to want something. I know from the hundeschule also a berner of the often makes. if its human demands something from him what he does not like, then he is barking away without hesitation. even if they are removed from it. it was stopped by the trainer either bark that to ignore or install a submission exercise. So when he drauflos barks to make with him a couple of exercises. in which case it is also so, because they have a close relationship to. ie, the bracketed human unconscious. but that is a separate story, the überhapt need not apply to you. here unlike many others, I am of the opinion that you can be for your dog very well be a person in authority, with 14 years. But you gotta be just. that is, you have to understand your dog and a plan how you have to deal with them. for I advise you to go in a dog school. a tip even for high jump: our young dog has also made, even though we were experienced dog halter and tried something different. it took months until we hinkriegten that. at the end helped us when we came in and wanted to jump dog, turned him into space and then immediately followed by one or two exercises made. we no longer do now already, because he has now internalized, whenever human being comes, I have to make space for now. you can easily but also turn away, sometimes hilfts, but sometimes he jumps up simply from behind. you can even if he jumps just your knee rausstellen so that it runs into the knee, but that does not always help. so if you were allowed to go into a good dog school, then you would all certainly most helpful so because you can learn a lot of all. I myself have had this experience. although ch have visited with my last dog has years of training, I do it at my current dog so and therefore with his two years and very well behaved.

you have time to vet maybe he hurt her and beginner understands its signals do not.

Go to dog school and educates the dog clever

Best's go to a dog trainer. And the dog does not shout that brings about nothing. Addresses of dog trainers you get in inet or your tieraerztin.

Education ... all einfachd thing only lasts.

Please get yourself a dog school, Trainier.

If you yell at the dog when it barks, you bark so with you nut. Just ignore ... screaming brings eh not much.

You have a 1.5-year-old Sennen and even a 9 month old Goldi? How to get to the brain Chapped idea to a second Hundzuholen when the first such Problene makes?

If this Bernese Mountain Dog really yelling at a little girl of 14 years to take seriously if it has otherwise received no education? I do not understand - why dogs have to be like "to get in trouble" ???

I have no idea what you as yet can do.

One can have a 1 1/2 year old Bernese Mountain dog and a golden retriever dog at the age of 9 months, for example, educate very good and if you and your parents to self're not able, then there is for such devices such as very good dog schools.

If your "case" but it should be a dog school where the people in dealing with a dog to be trained.

the dogs deserve better than you .. but it is one of the many dog ​​owners who have no idea and so even screw up two dogs ... you should take a leave of professionals help and visit at least one dog school. just Bernese need a sovereign rudel leader.

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