Bernese mountain dog (almost 2 years) is not independent on

Hi, perhaps there is some information that can help us. Wi have a Bernese Mountain dog with less than two years, which could not get up and running without any visible Vorbeschwerden suddenly. We were with her in the veterinary clinic, where she was treated with antibiotics. We have it so bought a pair of pants with straps it, so that we can help to stand up to her. when she is wearing her weight alone, running and running around, and we consequently afterwards. whom she sits or lies are their legs on the side. if they then want to get up she does not get her legs under her body. where can the probelm are here ????

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This is due to the hip, they will have a hip joint suffering. Because I would go to a specialized veterinary clinic, maybe you can help the poor animal by surgery. First X-rayed and then we will see. All the best. lg Lilo

PS go to issue even a Forum

as has often advised also I'd X-rayed the dog.

Has your dog been X-rayed HD and ED ??? How was the evaluation?

What is the evaluation of the parents?

What do the X-rays or CT, MRI of the spine?

What's the antibiotic? Which bacterial infection is because before?

You receive them now painkillers?

If the tail is tender to the end member?

Is the bitch overthrown? When? It may also be a few days ago ...

Hüftdysplasy. Have often the big heavy breeds. Is indicating locations. An expensive surgery you probably stands before. Counting times with about 2000 euros!

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