Best Dry Food for 1-year dog mongrel from Bosnia

I can not understand that the low-cost products for dried fodder in the Stiftung Warentest be assessed as positive. But I can not make 2 kg high-quality dog ​​food for 2.99 euros and wonder therefore, followed tested. Now I have just paid 2.50 euros for the test and am less clever than before. In my choice for dry food are the company Vet-Concept, Royal Canin and White Fang. With Fang and Royal but I have no experience with Vet-Concept I have my now deceased dog years wet your gefüttert.Habe advice?

The best answer

Stiftung Warentest tested unfortunately because the wrong criteria - if you are looking for good dog food, look around in relevant forums or blogs to dogs.

eg can I'll put this here to the heart: http: // ... (you have the same times a test with a couple of pretty good dog food brands rausgesucht)

like luna38 already said, forget Stiftung Warentest. which you can use for the acquisition of a new hoover, but not canine or cat food and the like.

best you choose a grain-free dry food. eg wolf blood.

even better, you take pure meat cans. eg Rinti

and best of all you barfst. ;)

wherein a combination of wet food and barf is good and trouble. is at least still usually cheaper than good dry food and burdens the digestive not so much.

I would try wolf blood, since you can choose from many varieties. There are wet and dry. I differ the dry food for hours in plenty of water, until it is pulled through trf, so that's trf kidney acceptable.

Stiftung Warentest you can forget. The do not look at the ingredients but the nutrients. White Fang is a very good food with high meat content. Royal Canin is only moneymaking. Take either Wolfsblut, Real Nature or Platinum. Zusätlich you can give him wet food from Vet Concept, because that is also good.

The best feed rumen .. that's the only good .. I speak from experience

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