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I just downloade battlefield 4 it loads extremely slow even though I have a 100,000 line. I have just 156MB / sec how I can speed up the download

The best answer

156 MB / s? Please what? sure you do not mean KB?

Hey :)

Felt the same way, but I've found a video and the tip has worked really well. (I live in the countryside, so I have downloaded at the beginning of 200KB per second.. In a game like Sims 4 or Battlefield of Horror -.- ')

Link to the video:

Just then search Google Cheat Engine, installing ALWAYS custom installation click (takes the two times) and deselect the additional programs, so that you only install Cheat Engine. And the rest is easy: Just do it, like the guy explains it in the video.

I've also written underneath a comment because me the tip has almost helped: D

Hope I could help you, even if the answer has come rather late! Good luck!



Either you have set a limit or what is very likely, it is due to the congested download servers.

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