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I hope here can anyone help me. I bought for my daughter the Romans Comfort Jockey bicycle seat, but it can not be mounted on my bike. My bike was a cheap product (from my youth more than 10years old) and similar to a mountain bike.

Now my question, I want to buy a new bike like me, but do not know which would be suitable, for example, city bike, etc. I want to my child about asphalt but also take time forest dirt roads. Which bike brands are good and pricewise Ok (max.jedoch 500Euro). I would like it to pay off in installments, I would buy it online. What should I look? as I found the website Where you can buy easily in installments. About your tips and experiences I would be very grateful!

Thanks in advance!


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Outlet = bike directly from the manufacturer. You'll probably need to perform a final assembly at the bike. The same applies to bikes that you order online. If you are technically savvy, no problem, if not, someone will have to make. If it is the bike shop next door, then it can be expensive ...

Perhaps even the dealer the right place, because this, after all, has a local customer.

If the price range is narrow, a good used bike could possibly be good for something. The you can find many hand online portals eg Kalaydo, DHD24 or classified by ebay.

Then take the child seat and see if it fits!

PS: Eigenlich it depends on your preference, which bike you buy. Look at you just to compare. Through the forest with a child behind it is only on good roads, because you can go to each wheel.

Look in current bike shops in your area over .. According to theory I pass for example. also on the plane as a pilot. Does something like, go try it before buying a round wheel and pick NEN suitable one may kannste the wheel in this store to pay over rates, it does not all have only ever be paid through rates online! Otherwise you look for one of this "style" on this website but definitely before testing! Not that you then not it passts.

Hello I have now for three days .... much explored on bicycles Wie findet ihr as these bikes?

http: // -...

I am also now risen with my asking price, because I would want to use a safe bicycle for many years. But I am a little confused with the brands. In many forums always different brands can be described as "best". But what do you think of these bikes? I'm now also times in the Outlet Center. The bicycle dealers in your area, only a mark "Eldorado".

Although you now only indirectly further helps: I'd just go once in a bike shop on site. My experience is that you will be treated as very friendly and honest. You'll get sold, what your daughter is ill nothing. They will not even give you unnecessary the most expensive. Another advantage is that you can see whether the size fits. As well as professional bicycle sale and that can sometimes be looooong expensive, it may very well be that you can pay in installments there.

Thank you for the answers. Near me there is only one correct Bicycle Dealers far as I know. And then I bought the helmet for my daughter. Plenty of choice have not ... However I away from me saw around about 50km bike Outlet business. Would that perhaps even an alternative?

A wheel should be bought locally. First, about the right size, secondly, for repairs.

I have a "perfectly ordinary" bicycle secondhand bought years ago and am as easily run all possible routes with child seat.

This is such a thing. For the first! A Treckingrad would there probably right but if you want a good bike which above all safe (do not forget your daughter travels with) should dundas in a shop to buy, because you know what you have. Installment grant to EUR 500 mostly well. Or another tip! Try going to "" and give as a Treckingrad, city bike, mountain bike or whatever. First, do you see where you get the wheel on cheapest but this is even more important! You can watch there closely at what kind of a wheel and a data sheet you have there also. Another thing .... there is also customer reviews that you can look at you. I would even try it in your place .....

Pay attention to the quality of the processing and the comfort

it would be best a bike to buy directly from the manufacturers, because one would have to ask whether you can pay in rates :)

I can only bike XXL know. The advice is great and the prices are good.

Better go to a shop (but a real Fahrradgschäft, no sporting goods store) there you'll be well advised! I have also done)

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