Bicycle rust as best get off?

Servus, soon starts so the spring and have again bock by bicycle to ride to school, but the problem is I habs accidentally let the whole winter stand outside and now it's totally rusty and sounds while driving as ne chainsaw. Do you have any tips as how to the get away and there vllt so antirust agents? If so where I could buy those?

Thanks in advance, Alex

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Hi Alex!

What you need are old cloth. With a dry rub you the necklace as well clean it is. Then comes neatly strikes oil.

Small oil Customer:

- No oil from the kitchen. The hardened.

- De thinnest oils are penetrating oils as Ballistol or WD-40th The cleaned very well, but then not long hold. It takes a second oil.

- Then the mechanics oils (machine oil) coming out of the grocery store. Can you take, is cheap, but does not last as long super.

- Diesel. Cleans very well oiled well, is cheap. The lighter components evaporate. Therefore, you can use it outdoors only.

- Engine oil. Cheaper than special oil and durable. (I take you.)

- Special oils from the bicycle dealers: Good but expensive.

After oil, the chain is well moves, best is time driven around the block. Now it is very important, the superfluous Ö fall again with the rag. Too much oil attracts dirt only, the abschmirgelt the chain from the inside, to say nothing of the black goo that forms completely.

Ebentuell the whole process must be repeated.

So - an oily rag you now. By you rub clean the remaining bike. Beautifully pervade everywhere, even between sprockets.

Oil you now stand there. So get brake and derailleur cables also something from, the many small joints of the switching elements. Again: Moving and back rub.

Have fun, Felix

Take some time for it and do it thoroughly! If one does often, it is then a matter of only a quarter of an hour.

Surely only the chain and a few screws will be anger east. If the frame has corroded (is), then I would therefore not go - finally breaking the frame at full speed by and you ... well, that you can imagine yes. Anyway, there is the grocery store or bike shop to buy chain oil. But you can also take WD 40 (visit the hardware store and I think this week at LIDL or ALDI). The chain oil as said dropping onto the chain and thereby rattling the chain. You can also spray WD 40 on the chain and the screw that makes the rust (up to a certain level of depth) away and also protects something. But think from now in mind: make your bike at night or when it rains daily, somewhere.

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