Big dog (German Shepherd) for beginners?

Dear Community,

since I can remember, I always wanted to have a German shepherd. No other race would come into question for me. Now it is so, I've never had a dog. but I went to talk a walk with dogs from friends etc. So I have some experience. Property already much read and appropriated my knowledge of education, food etc. Is it possible in principle to hold a German Shepherd as a "first dog" with a little experience, or rather discouraged? It's really my biggest wish, so no one else would also come into consideration.

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I have two friends who have a DSH.

My colleague has a discarded dog from a real shepherd breeds its own dogs without VDH and such a fuss. but Sam he did not need for the flock. This Shepherd is now 4 years and has no health problems. He lives with his mum and dad idyllic in a detached house, yard and garden may watch, but is otherwise in the same house. The dog loves children and is for every human being friendly. Only with some dogs it does not safeguard. They were with him in the puppy group, otherwise no dog school. Sometimes he runs with the bicycle or to the liner. That's it.

The Shepherd of our buddy is now 1.5 years old. He comes from a breeder of VDH's. Is very big for my taste and has been the typical eggs transition, so I call the time. So far he shows no health complaints. From beings ago he is very uncertain. Even as a puppy he afraid of everything. He is very well behaved, but foreign to very cautious. He even provides visitors with loud barking and can not clean it. It has now happened twice already, he barked cyclists and this has not left over. Well, you could push this to an education, but our buddy really has a clue of sheepdogs, Odin is not his first.

My first dog was a German shepherd, also from a breeder. but that's her 17 years old. My dog ​​has become 14 years old had to contend only with HD aged. I was with her in the dog school, she grew up in a family with children, and was a very brave.

But today I would never bring me a German Shepherd. Unless he comes from the animal shelter. But never from the breeder. When I look at me some websites where advertised that they breed the German Shepherd a straight back, you then but looking at the pictures of the dogs, it already comes before kidding. And then most breeders have not only a breeding bitch, some shining with 5, 6 to 8 females. That shows me how much it comes to money.

But to your question: Yes, it is possible, I would say, if you have enough time, enough heart, enough money for the vet. And enough sense to find the right dog.

In itself, and if you a bit of experience have been not why. We have a dog, so Sheepdog! And I would recommend you a bitch that are actually easier to perform and are not as big and strong as males :) But Shepherds like what "work" wish I would advise you if you have the time to go into a SV since then you can also bring a lot of help, and help you with the education. Our bitch we be trained for Schutzhund, where it has also done tests where it was about your obedience, so even I go with your walk. So I wish you good luck and hope can you fulfill your dream :)

Hey Anton01,

yes it is quite possible to keep DSH as first dog but please Hochzucht, no performance breeding.

I would also advise to you a bitch, as these are easier to perform and to educate as a male. Especially important, visit a dog school or issue with people from the SV after that will help in educating you! Consistent education and sufficient capacity are absolutely necessary at Shepherds! Should the dog be underutilized and / or badly brought up they turn into ticking time bombs! Otherwise they are very family-friendly animals and especially very affectionate. Look at the mother of the puppies at the breeder to reflect eighth, in its essence - it should be fine! The father can be seen here unfortunately rare because the most is not the breeder, but it should be there, watch him as well and its essence in!

You have to you of course be quite aware that a DSH needs a responsibility. He must not only be busy physically, but mentally! Go along with him on a regular basis a track, do Rebus with him, etc. and of course, give him enough outlet. I play with my at Gassi transition, for example, like to start times! However, this requires a good bond of dog and owner that has to be built first of all! But you learn everything in the dog school or on the training field of the people SV.

I would not necessarily advise to you a puppy, as sweet as they may be. Ask for reputable breeders to whether they may have a calm young female, or even possibly an older animal. They speak often already the basic commands and housebreaking! And careful with the dogs choice - the HD and ED values ​​of the parent animals should all the A-range and no "still allowed" loud, otherwise your dog could later have serious problems with HD and ED.

I wish you all the best, you should decide for a DSH and questions you can contact me you like! :)

I can see that just like Sarah3333. Once a dog realizes that you're unsure, he will not accept you as the pack leader and assume this role itself. This may, but need not be difficult for a German Shepherd and also be dangerous. Where it can be dangerous in any race, it and see. But it makes a difference whether you an uneducated Terrier or a naughty German Shepherd starts, for example. The forces are quite different dimensions.

But if you absolutely insist on a German Shepherd, really look for in a shelter and leave you there to advise.

Hello Anton01 you must remember the Shepherds are very affectionate and they also need a lot of exercise but that's not the only they also need limits clear and consistent training and education is not easy, there are also very trainable dogs !!! Even as a beginner you can already keep such a dog !!! LG Marco Bernhard

For further questions you can also ask me of course

So a beginner dog he's just not. You should for an older animal entscheiden.Vor all, none of the protective service kaputtgeknüppelt wurde.Und in young dogs which is offered as caution geboten.Schäferhunde are already a few months vorgeröntgt.Sollte there already something to be seen at the hip or the elbows they are discarded immediately. The result, however, you do not mitgeteilt.Das rude awakening comes when you go then X-ray the official HD and ED. If you liest_ even at HD Reviews Just in zugelassen.Oh fright. Be wary when buying

Since the DSH has now lost almost everything from senem former self as a shepherd by incompetent breeders that should not be a problem even for NEN beginners.

Is it possible in principle to hold a German Shepherd as a "first dog" with a little experience, or rather discouraged?

The German shepherd is there no problem if something is watching at the breeder choice. Other Shepherds I would not recommend because.

It depends on the dog. Who do you love an older take would already go :) So I think of puppies and I would advise against agressive or young dogs. Option you should, however, for a sheep dog much time have they are smart and active generally quite. That is, it is more outgoing need as a small dog and needs more workout so he does not get bored :) However, there are always those who are very fond of and normally active or somewhat lazy, that comes to the dog to. there will be more work and you have strong willed enough manners to him but to teach in allgeimen yes :)

cenila Lg :)

yes it is, but I would recommend you a bitch, which are social and easier to carry than a terretorialer rude ... and secondly, you have the growers ensure that it does not necessarily grown in a pure line work better if it were a mix with beauty line

Hi, what do you want for the shepherd then ?? So what kind of work you envision as before ?? Depends my opinion from to whether a good dog school near you is that you visit regularly and if you also aware that is that is not a dog couch, but a dog has to work, otherwise it sets its being bred work that usually then is likely not intentional. Say the dog needs a life's work .... he finds at authorities (customs, police and Co), as a rescue dog, as a search dog and the dog sport. If therefore already something then going in the direction, if it is to be a sheepdog ... Especially since you there must really pay extremely to the breeding line, the breeder and the health of the puppies because Shepherds unfortunately still the problem with the crooked back have and to HD and many other disorders usually suffer. So a hip op costs several thousand € and did not grade the best chances of Lebesnverbesserung :(

How old are you? Is that for you also by profession from? do you have enough time? Did you KLeute that could even take care of him? You can also first take NEN Pflegehund and when best they can, you have to get nen Shepherd from a shelter

I think it would be difficult before to start the same as a beginner with a sophisticated Shepherd puppy. I do not claim that this is impossible. However, you should you then seek expert assistance as a dog school. But maybe a dog soul comes from the shelter for you in question - there sit Sheepdogs looking for a loving home. And the advantage is that you can something there to tell about the nature and characteristics of the dog you have there and the dogs usually already received an education. That might help you get started in life with a dog.

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