Big emotions for "Elastic Heart" by Sia

Hello everybody,

I do not know how to begin. All this will think I listen stupid and weird. Can me not explain.

Have such strong emotions when I the new song of Sia and / or the video for "Elastic heart" listen to or look at me. I can feel the pain. This is as if I were in a trance. That touched me so that I have to perform a real internal struggle with me, so I do not cry or despair completely, because I suffer like this.

Can anyone here really does not help and can not stop listening to the song or seen. It is almost as if the "beautiful suffering", which you want to experience again and again. The song is so beautiful and can express something like I've never noticed in a song / video.

Have you had anything like this in a song / in a situation / etc. so and does anybody know where it comes from and what can that mean?

Lg and thank Jolliii

The best answer

At first I thought "what the silly". But it remained, looked over, understood everything.

The video is great! The song itself I find not so great, but the video is damn well played. Multifaceted the to and fro represented, with everything can make a relationship.

Funnily enough, I'm NEN guy something actually rather less itchy and am otherwise not a very emotional person, but I have the song even after I have discovered it is one 20-minute continuous loop, because it somehow especially acts and addictive.

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