Birthday gift for a friend ... funny ideas?

Hi folks :)

A friend of mine has a birthday soon (he is 26) and I give him a huge cup (as fits almost one liter of fluid in). He always complains about the small cups and drinking glasses, so that's just the right gift for him. I'd all but like a little spice and put some things into the cup. Clear, sweets are always worth considering, but I find that a bit unimaginative. maybe Do you have some good and fun ideas for things that I can put in the cup?

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Tea bags, instant coffee powder, soluble cocoa powder, effervescent powder, a bag of baking mix for cup cakes, instant soup - maybe you fall in the direction of an even more.

Why do not you at Jochen Schweizer. Have recently my friend a short break from Jochen Schweizer for 50 € given and then a trifle.

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