Birthday gift for teachers?

I would like to make it clear that I am not a toady and not the plan I act nice to me. It was like this: I now had sweets in school and still had any left this I achieved by our geography lesson. Since the teacher pass directly to me as soon as they enter or leave the class they see what I was doing or have to lie. So then I sat with my best friend on the table or they stand and I had my Trollipackung in his hands. As he passed stopped my (absolute favorite) teacher suddenly with me and made his hands open, asking if he can have what. Then I said clearly happy! Next, he asked whether I have birthday and I said, yesterday. Finally, he said while walking: And again on Friday because I've nähmlich Birthday C: (not commanding or so sondernd rather funny and cute). Then I asked, really: D? He so: yes :). Now my question is is it bad if I, for example, buy him a pack of gummy bears?

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Of course ... he has you already funny even brought out or aimiert you to do.

Apparently he nibbles like to just these trollies, determined he would be.

LG Pummelweib :-)

Nope, wenns is your favorite teacher is a bag of gummy bears fully in order. There are some whose mothers give their children bouquets to school for teacher birthday, I've also seen this before: D

Do something, I find it funny. And because your teacher is apparently pretty cool it, it is because nothing pure interpret

Purchase a stamp with which he can give you all a "1" in the work he

We give our teachers Vouchers How Thalia vouchers or fuers food.

Do it quietly :) Team up with some classmates, so that does not come off funny.

Good question: D naja also schleimen it is not so ne bag makes always good !!

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