Black boxer dog

Hi, I'm looking for a breeder who "black Boxer" breeds! someone knows such a breed? Thank you for your answers!

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Look under Streunerparadies- Benicarló. As a female Boxer scored 6 boy a few days ago. One of them is black. A lucky dog ​​!!

Black Boxers are not permitted at the FCI, which is not a boxer color. And if you pick a dog by appearance, you have a problem anyway. Boxer are now also suffering animals bred, because one has completely bred out their noses.

Look please talk to:

black boxer does not exist and are not allowed in the Stud book: The basic color is yellow. Color gradations there from light yellow to dark. In the brindle boxers the dark or black brindle (stripes) from the base color must be distinguishable. It must run in the direction of the ribs. White markings are allowed up to a third of the body surface. Also typical is the black mask, which is not to go beyond the catch.

ever even contacted the association?

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