Black in mind and trembling applicable

Hello unzwar me is the now 2x already happened lately that I am after getting just blacked out and I had been there to hold me totally have begun my legs trembling I .. but also drink plenty of water. That's why I wanted to ask if anyone knows what that might be: /

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Have I ever at (too fast) up. Is likely

as with me on circuit. Just try to get up very slowly. Only put, then legs out and get up after calming SLOW .. or put you dextrose to the bed to you a short time in front of rising eats wenns really is bad bad.

Hi, This could be due to low blood pressure. On bestenb times for € 10-20 a blood pressure meter set and then in the morning still are and then measure after getting up. Otherwise, a low blood sugar level would occur to me yet, but (almost) only comes into question, if you do evening sports and do them not eat.

it may be that you're in puberty? I'm also in the morning sometimes (am 15), which is the circuit ... but if it gets worse, or more often occurs, PLEASE from the doc)

Hello longevity girl: thou shalt raise up slowly, or get up, do not jerk. your heart needs some seconds to produce the necessary blood pressure. in are the blood pressure is lowest, that is also the reason why we sleep lying down. the body works during sleep, important cell renewal processes are carried out, this needs the body energy and do it saves energy which is needed elsewhere. when you wake up, the pulse is a little faster, but sometimes you have to be careful and not abruptly change the postural. the stand has the blood to be pumped up to the head (against the force of gravity), so it can be short for "black out" come. if you are underweight, see to that this is gändert. the rest: you underweight with your 53 kg

For me it happens often. But my doctor said, that has to do with the circulation and is not bad. By contrast helps if you do not directly abruptly get up, but you first sets on your bed.

are you underweight?

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